What’s Cooking?! Low-Sodium Vegetarian Tomato Noodle Soup


Don’t tell my husband, but we had a vegetarian dinner this week! Believe it or not, he didn’t even miss the meat. The beans added¬†protein and the vegetables and whole wheat pasta added fiber to make us feel full and keep us feeling full longer. PLUS, this was a crock pot meal, so while our pizzas were cooking on Monday, I did some veggie chopping and threw everything in a gallon Ziplock bag and all Jason had to do in the morning was dump the liquids and bag of goodies into the crock pot and turn it on. Dinner was ready when we got home; and, clean up was a piece of cake, since all we used was the crock pot.

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No Meat on Good Friday?!


Happy Good Friday! And happy “no meat day” for those avoiding “flesh meat” on Fridays during Lent. Lots of us cringe or roll our eyes at the thought of a day without meat, but don’t worry: here are some tasty, filling, meat-free meal ideas! Limiting meats is something to consider year-round; BUT, Lent is a great “excuse” to try new ideas and prove that: “yes, I can survive a day without meat” (and still feel satisfied)!
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