5 tips for a healthy, homemade steak dinner


I love cooking, but there are definitely times when we get home later than usual, or I’m tired, or I have things to do around the house and I just don’t have time (or don’t want) to make something. Thankfully, my husband has been listening to my cooking tips and can put together an awesome heart-healthy, high fiber meal! Men love their meat, so of course when he is cooking, it’s going to be steak. But check out what he did to keep it low fat, low sodium, and high in fiber!
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Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to: sweet vs. white potatoes


All potatoes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and cooking methods have carbohydrates, raise blood sugar, and add Calories. But, are sweet potatoes “better” than white potatoes, and can we fit this midwestern-staple into a healthy lifestyle? While we know that potatoes raise blood sugar, it is important to remember that this starchy vegetable also carries important fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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