What’s Cooking?! Whole Wheat Muffin Pizza

Pizza, beer, and Monday Night Football should be enjoyed, even in the home of a dietitian! But, I do try to make the pizza heart healthy and higher in fiber. Rather than ordering delivery, consider making your own pies! English muffin pizza makes for an easy, fast and interactive meal. Everyone creates individual pizzas with their favorite toppings and they are done in 15 minutes.

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5 Tips for Pizza-Lovers!


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pizza? Convenient home delivery, being able to feed lots of people for relatively cheap, delicious leftovers, and a crowd pleaser! We have been trained to believe that all of our favorite foods are “bad” for us; but, we can (and should) occasionally eat foods we like as long as we pay attention and make adjustments to keep us on track. Here are 5 simple tips for pizza parties without all the guilt!
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