What’s Cooking?! Mini-Spinach-Meatloaf

I love mini-food and using different kitchen items in unique ways! So, I tried mini-meatloaf in a cupcake sheet this week. Low fat ground beef and salt free herbs and spices make this another heart-healthy dish; and, I skipped the sugary ketchup and used oatmeal instead of white bread crumbs, for a diabetes-friendly option!

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What’s Cooking?! Meatloaf

I wish the picture turned out better for this one, because the meal was delicious and I wish it looked as good as it tasted, but obviously my photography skills don’t match my cooking skills! Healthy meals can be easy and quick and can include our favorite foods! Take you favorite meatloaf recipe, and consider making the little changes explained below to add vitamins, minerals, fiber, and to┬álimit fat, salt, and simple sugar:
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