Chicken vs Red Meat: What is the healthier option?

Many of us have been told that chicken and turkey are better than steak or pork for a healthy diet; but, why? What makes poultry so special? Should we avoid red meat? Let’s compare the fact and find out! Continue reading


5 Tips for Pizza-Lovers!


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pizza? Convenient home delivery, being able to feed lots of people for relatively cheap, delicious leftovers, and a crowd pleaser! We have been trained to believe that all of our favorite foods are “bad” for us; but, we can (and should) occasionally eat foods we like as long as we pay attention and make adjustments to keep us on track. Here are 5 simple tips for pizza parties without all the guilt!
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Tips for Coffee Shop Lovers!

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We took a look at how certain beverages may hinder our healthy-lifestyle goals; so, let’s take a look at some ways to enjoy our favorite coffee shops without all the added Calories, fat, and/or sugar! Now, remember, black coffee and unsweetened teas do not have Calories, fat, or sugar, and neither does a shot of espresso; so, if you are looking for a “pick-me-up”, consider adding a shot of espresso for additional caffeine without Calories!
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Which cereal would you choose?


Take a look at this comparison of popular cereals that we might initially consider to be “healthy”. Remember your label-reading tips and let me know what you think!

Which one would you choose? How do the cereals in your pantry compare? Are there “better” options out there?

Move more or eat less?

One of the first things people want to do for weight loss is: exercise. Now, while exercise is an important part of a healthy life, it may not be the best catalyst for weight loss.

Weight management is about balancing Calories. When we eat fewer Calories than we burn, then we lose weight. This makes it simple to see the 2 ways to lose weight: eat fewer Calories, and/or burn more Calories. We are a “food-loving” people, so the first option does not always appeal to us; so, it makes sense that the “next best” option is exercise, right?
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