What’s Cooking?! Whole Wheat Muffin Pizza

Pizza, beer, and Monday Night Football should be enjoyed, even in the home of a dietitian! But, I do try to make the pizza heart healthy and higher in fiber. Rather than ordering delivery, consider making your own pies! English muffin pizza makes for an easy, fast and interactive meal. Everyone creates individual pizzas with their favorite toppings and they are done in 15 minutes.

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Healthy appetizer for a potluck pig roast


My aunt grew up on a farm in Champagne, IL; and, every year her family drives up with a massive pig and a spit, cooks all day long, and invites friends and family over for a potluck dinner and outdoor hang-out: The Plaza Pig Roast! Well, the event was this past weekend and it was great, as usual. This year, to balance out all of the dessert and heavy side dishes that make their way to the pig roast buffet line, I brought carb-free, low-fat, low-calorie cucumber and humus bites I found on Pinterest. Continue reading

“I’m High”

It wasn’t until my sister jokingly pointed out that “I’m high” means something completely different to most people than it does to me, that I realized: strangers must think I’m NUTS!  I’m not shy about my diabetes around friends and family, so comments like “I’m high” are common and don’t generally turn heads; but, for those of you who don’t know me, let me be clear: I do not do drugs (well, besides insulin). So, what does being high mean for me as a type 1 diabetic?
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Relax, it’s just diabetes

I feel like I’m always being told relax or slow down; but, I never seem to be able to switch my nerves 100% “off”. My mind is always racing and thinking about what needs to be done and what comes next, and it’s actually gotten to the point where I find myself becoming more anxious worrying about why I am so anxious! But, I may have found my answer/explanation/excuse: Diabetes.

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What’s Cooking?! Salt-free, high-fiber, low-fat chicken parmesan


Need a quick meal with leftovers that can be used in various ways to keep you from burn-out? My husband and I have a busy week, so we made baked chicken parm last night that we can reheat for either salads, sandwiches, or pasta dishes later in the week. Not only was the meal ready in about 30 minutes, but the recipe is heart healthy (salt free and low-fat) and easier on the blood sugar (higher in fiber and low sugar) than most fried chicken parmesan recipes.

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Did I really gain 3 pounds in one day?!

Research tells us that people who lose weight and maintain weight loss weigh themselves everyday; but, this may not be helpful for everyone. Seeing weight loss is motivating; but, what about when you get on the scale and are 3 pounds HEAVIER than the day before? Weight fluctuates for lots of reason, but mainly because of fluid changes. Here are some reasons why we fluctuate and tips to avoid frustration.
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Is Butter Better?

We have been trained to fear fats; but, our body does need some of it! The most important consideration is the type of fat chosen. Saturated fats are “bad” and unsaturated fats are “good”. Unsaturated fats may improve cholesterol levels while saturated fats make them worse. So, when it comes to comparing butter (saturated fat) to margarine (unsaturated fat), the answer seems simple. Saturated butter: bad and unsaturated margarine: good, but, beware. There is another type of fat, trans fat, that may mask margarine as a healthy alternative.
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What’s Cooking?! Low-sodium, low-fat salad dressing


I love a good salad, and no dinner is easier than throwing leftovers on a bed of greens and chopping up whatever spare vegetables you have in the fridge. It sounds healthy, too; but, be careful because pre-made dressings and dressing packets where you add your own oil and vinegar can be loaded with sugar and salt! Check out this quick and easy balsamic vinaigrette recipe I found from Joy Bauer with ingredients you likely have stocked in your kitchen.
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Forbidden Fruits?


With diabetes on the rise, the fear of high blood sugar, and the myth that carbohydrates are to blame for obesity, people seem to have put a big, fat “X” on fruits; but, do we need to?

Yes, fruit has carbohydrate and raises the blood sugar, and some fruits have more sugar than others. Now, don’t get me wrong! There are different vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber in different fruits that are all important for health; so, This doesn’t mean that we should avoid these fruits. What it does mean, though, is that the portion sizes are smaller. Here’s a list of 5 fruits that are more concentrated with sugar and the recommended portion sizes. Portion sizes are determined based on the amount of fruit providing about 15 g of carbohydrates.
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