5 tips for a healthy, homemade steak dinner


I love cooking, but there are definitely times when we get home later than usual, or I’m tired, or I have things to do around the house and I just don’t have time (or don’t want) to make something. Thankfully, my husband has been listening to my cooking tips and can put together an awesome heart-healthy, high fiber meal! Men love their meat, so of course when he is cooking, it’s going to be steak. But check out what he did to keep it low fat, low sodium, and high in fiber!

1) Lean meat: NY strip steaks were on sale this week and they are an extra-lean cut! NY strip is also called “top loin”, and -loin is a sure sign of a lower fat steak. Not only did he pick a lean cut, but he also removed visible fat before cooking
2) Non-starchy vegetable: he followed the “plate plan” beautifully and picked up my favorite green veggie: asparagus! He also grabbed mushrooms and onion to top the steak, which not only added flavor, but also added fiber and volume to the meal without the Calories.
3) Starch: To add color to the plate, he bought a couple small sweet potatoes and kept the skins on for more fiber. Any potato would work, so choose based on your preference.
4) Salt-free seasoning: He seasoned everything, but all salt free! For the steak, he used black pepper and garlic powder, for the asparagus he used lime juice, garlic powder, and parmesean cheese, and for the mashed sweet potatoes he used red pepper flakes.
5) Low fat cooking: He cooked the meat in a skillet sprayed with cooking spray and added the onions and mushrooms, which cooked down and added moisture to the meat, he boiled the potatoes in water and put them in the stand mixer with a little bit of skim milk, and he baked the asparagus with cooking spray.

The meal was ready in 30-45 minutes and it was great! What was even better, though, was to see how much he enjoyed making it and how easy he said that it was! Steak and potatoes is something we might think we can never eat again because of what “they say”; but don’t be fooled! We can still eat our favorite foods, but may need to make small changes for improvment. It can be done, though! And you don’t need to be a dietitian to do it.


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