Healthy appetizer for a potluck pig roast


My aunt grew up on a farm in Champagne, IL; and, every year her family drives up with a massive pig and a spit, cooks all day long, and invites friends and family over for a potluck dinner and outdoor hang-out: The Plaza Pig Roast! Well, the event was this past weekend and it was great, as usual. This year, to balance out all of the dessert and heavy side dishes that make their way to the pig roast buffet line, I brought carb-free, low-fat, low-calorie cucumber and humus bites I found on Pinterest.
I don’t even needs to post a recipe for this. It really is as easy as it looks! Just slice cucumbers, use a spoon to remove the seeds (do not go all the way through, though, so that the humus doesn’t fall through the bottom), top cucumbers with humus (I used original flavor, but use whatever you like!), and sprinkle with basil (or ground pepper, or red pepper flakes, etc.) to add a little extra flavor and color.

There are so many unique, yummy foods and dishes at the pig roast, that I wasn’t sure if anyone would go for the raw vegetable; but, to my surprise, I RAN OUT! It just goes to show: If someone brings vegetables, people will eat them!


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