Packing for a trip with diabetes

I love weekend trips! But, living with diabetes and an insulin pump makes packing a long and nerve-wracking process.

I’ll never be able to get away with a small weekend-bag since my diabetes stuff, alone, could fill a duffel! And, if I forget any piece from my list of equipment, I could be in big trouble. What exactly do I bring? I will list items from left-to-right and back-to-front according to the picture.

Packing list:
1) infusion sets (one per day)
2) insulin cartridges (one per day)
3) IV prep pads (lots of these! I use these to make sure the tape sticks around my pump and sensor sites)
4) test strips (I use 10-12 per day, so I bring a whole box of 200 for a weekend)
5) humalog (insulin for pump)
6) lantus (insulin in case my pump stops working and I have to go back to shots)
5) infusion inserter
6) sensor inserter
7) sensor charger
8) glucagon emergency kit (only for emergency low blood sugar if I cannot help myself)
9) sensor tape
10) waterproof tape
11) syringes (one whole package in case my pump stops working and I have to go back to shots)
7) sensor (I usually only bring 1 for a weekend trip since they last 6 days)
14) pump strap (to wear my pump under a dress or skirt)
13) glucose tabs (to treat low blood sugars)

Not pictured are all the snacks for treating low blood sugar that I have stuffed in any purse and bag coming on the trip with me. This weekend, I have a box of granola bars, a box of fruit snacks, and a package of apple sauce and apple juice boxes. In addition to my “test kit” with my meter, lancet device, strips, and extra lancets. Phew! Did I miss anything!?


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