5 healthy date ideas for all ages and relationship statuses


Dating should never stop! A healthy life includes spending time with people you love, meeting new people, and doing fun, exciting, interesting and new things. Our most common dates; though, seem to have us in a fatty-food “rut”.

“Dating” is a time to learn about someone, find out what is important to him/her, and what he/she likes to do; but dates can be so generic! If we all go on the same dates, how do we find out who that person is?

Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to dinner/drinks, sporting event with a hot dog and cracker jacks/peanuts, state fairs/carnivals with ice cream or funnel cake, movies with a bucket of “movie theater popcorn” and a diet coke, etc.; but, since my husband and I try to do one date each week, these Calories (and costs!) add up.

Next time you plan a date, think about your hobbies and his/her hobbies. Here are 5 date ideas for different personalities that won’t send us on a Calorie guilt-trip:

1) For “Food Lovers”: Cook together! There is something special about a meal cooked together. Maybe it’s the sense of “team”, or the satisfaction of knowing that you created whatever ends up on the plate; but, either way, you know exactly what’s in your food. Try one of these recipes!
2) For “Sports Lovers”: Consider a high school game, especially if it’s a sport that you played or the school that you or your kids are going to/went to. You get a sense of “nostalgia” and may have stories or memories to share with your date. It’s also easier to avoid concessions, since there aren’t vendors walking up and down the stands.
3) For “Movie Lovers”: Find a drive-in. These are few and far-between, making it more special when you plan a trip to find one. You can watch classic movies that you probably haven’t seen in years; and, people don’t get upset if you lean over and whisper, making it easier to learn more about your date! Plus, you bring your own food/drink, allowing you to pack smart snacks.
4) For “Active” people: Go for a walk/bike ride, play tennis/golf, throw a football/baseball/frisbee, find a climbing wall, rent kayaks, etc. Not only are you avoiding empty Calories, but you’re burning them, strengthening your heart, and sending out “happy hormones”!
5) For “Givers”: Consider volunteering. Habitat for Humanity has local opportunities for you to use your hands, work together, and change lives; or, check out town hall for smaller project like: planting gardens, painting public areas/fences, fixing up public schools, etc. You can burn Calories and stay active together while doing something positive.

Doing the things you enjoy with people you enjoy creates a healthy lifestyle. Dating is a time to be yourself and find someone who likes the same things you do! Have fun and enjoy things that you don’t always have in your daily life; but be creative and find unique activities that encourage your healthy lifestyle. What are your favorite date nights or days?


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