Tips for Coffee Shop Lovers!

Kawa - kolaż
We took a look at how certain beverages may hinder our healthy-lifestyle goals; so, let’s take a look at some ways to enjoy our favorite coffee shops without all the added Calories, fat, and/or sugar! Now, remember, black coffee and unsweetened teas do not have Calories, fat, or sugar, and neither does a shot of espresso; so, if you are looking for a “pick-me-up”, consider adding a shot of espresso for additional caffeine without Calories!

Here are 5 coffee shop “swaps” that I enjoy without feeling guilty:
1. Chai tea bag with a steamed skim “topper” and 2 sugar subs (Chai tea latte sub)
2. Cool lime “Refresher” (Sweet tea-lemonade sub)
3. Hot coffee with sugar-free vanilla flavoring and a steamed skim topper (Vanilla latte sub)
4. Cappuccino with skim (Cappuccino sub)
5. Iced coffee with sugar-free flavor and skim milk, or without cream/milk (Iced coffe sub)

Moral of the story: stick with sugar-free flavors and skim milk. Soy milk is an option, too; but, while it is lower in fat and Calories than traditional whole milk, there are still fewer Calories and fat in skim milk.

Now, the drinks may not taste the same as the originals, and the change may take some “getting used to”; but, if you are a big-time coffee drink lover, then little changes could make a big difference in your lifestyle. Start small: maybe your first step will be to choose the sugar-free flavors, maybe it will be to choose lower-fat milks or to skip the cream/milk, maybe it will be to choose a smaller cup size. Whatever your step is, know that it is a step in the right direction. We don’t have to change everything at once in order to start making improvements!

What is your favorite coffee drink? What “swaps” have you tried and actually enjoyed?


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