Tips for Coffee Shop Lovers!

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We took a look at how certain beverages may hinder our healthy-lifestyle goals; so, let’s take a look at some ways to enjoy our favorite coffee shops without all the added Calories, fat, and/or sugar! Now, remember, black coffee and unsweetened teas do not have Calories, fat, or sugar, and neither does a shot of espresso; so, if you are looking for a “pick-me-up”, consider adding a shot of espresso for additional caffeine without Calories!
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Don’t Drink Your Calories!

Regular sodas have caught lots of negative attention from dieters and diabetics (rightfully so); but, soda is not the only offender when it comes to sugary drinks.

I have heard it hundreds of times: “I replaced pop with juice/lemonade/iced tea/etc.” When soda is someone’s “go to” drink, a change like that is a big deal, and should be congratulated; but, it is important to think about whether the replacement is making a positive step, a lateral move, or if it is actually moving backwards! Continue reading

Take a chill pill! Your blood sugar will thank you

Have you ever gone through a day wondering why, no matter how much insulin you give, you can’t get blood sugar down past 160 mg/dl (or worse!)? One reason could be stress.

Stress comes from lots of things, and the sources may be different for each of us: work, exercise, deadlines, tests, friends/family, illness, traffic, etc. The effects happen because of changes in hormone levels, which mess with blood sugars since insulin is a hormone. Stress increases some hormones (cortisol, adrenaline) and decreases others (INSULIN). Less insulin means that less sugar is taken out of the blood. On top of that: stress increases the amount of sugar our bodies put into the blood to prepare for “fight or flight”.
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When in Rome…or a BBQ fest in Chicago

The Windy City Smoke out happened last weekend in Chicago. A 3-day country concert and BBQ fest with, you guessed it: nothing but BBQ, and lots of it. Sounds like a lot of fun, and it definitely was, but being a dietitian at an event like this can be tricky!

So, instead of stressing about the food not being “healthy”, I went for it. I enjoyed the day, the food, and the company and went home smiling rather than feeling guilty. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was aware that this is not the type of food I normally eat, but by preparing myself and making little choices throughout the day, I never felt like I had “failed” myself.
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Blood sugar roller coaster

Checking blood sugar adds stress to a day for me and lots of people with diabetes (both type I and type II). Will I be high or low? Will I be good or bad? Will I pass or fail this “test”? I hold my breath and hide the face of the meter from anyone around me for the 5 seconds it takes to calculate my blood sugar, waiting to see what the number will tell me.

Now, as a dietitian, I’m always asking people not to get worked-up about one number. A finger stick is an immediate snap shot and doesn’t represent overall control; but, clearly, not getting worked up is easier said than done.
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What’s Cooking?! Chicken, Asparagus and Orzo

Summer is so much fun at the grocery store thanks to the variety of fruits and veggies on sale! This week, asparagus was my veg of choice. Full of antioxidants, high in fiber, low in Calories and carbohydrates, and yummy: asparagus is an easy crowd-pleaser that cooks in a flash. Pair it with a high-fiber starch for digestion and diabetes management and a low-fat protein for heart health to complete a healthy, well-rounded meal.

The tomatoes were sweet enough and the feta salty enough that seasoning was a breeze and didn’t require any salt or sauce. Check out what I put together last night:
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