What’s Cooking?! Chocolate Chip Cookies

Left-over night at our house (https://kellynreeser.com/2014/06/10/whats-cooking/); so, since the meal is low-carb and low-fat, we are following it up with homemade chocolate chip cookies! MMMMMMM

Yes, that’s right, real butter, real sugar, real cookies! (I did leave out the salt, though) All foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle if you balance your meals right. Everyone loves a hot and gooey chocolate chip cookie, so treat yourself every once in a while. Just watch those portion sizes!

Don’t like making your own baked goods because you don’t want to throw away stale cookies, or (more likely at my house) eat all the cookies at once while they are fresh? Just bake one batch and put the rest of the dough in a container to freeze for another time. 🙂


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