Battle of the frozen dairy treats

It seems like every time I drive down the street, there is a new frozen yogurt store opening up, and it got me thinking: Ice cream vs. frozen yogurt: can we make a “healthier” choice?

Here is a comparison of basic nutrition information:
Plain vanilla ice cream (1 cup)
275 Calories
15 g fat
9 g saturated fat
5 g protein
31 g carbohydrate

Plain vanilla frozen yogurt (1 cup)
221 Calories
6 g fat
4 g saturated fat
5 g protein
38 g carbohydrate
***There are also lower-fat and lower-sugar options for both ice cream and frozen yogurt

The biggest difference is in fat and saturated fat content, which makes sense; because, ice cream is made with cream and yogurt is made from cultured milk. So, on the surface, plain vanilla frozen yogurt is a heart-healthier choice (as long as the portion is controlled); BUT, how often do we go into a frozen yogurt shop and get plain vanilla frozen yogurt?

Those shops are full of candies, syrups, cookies, brownies, cakes, etc. to top our frozen yogurt flavor of choice. Most of the time, we are given bowl to fill with whatever we want; and, I don’t know about you, but my self-control plummets when I am surrounded by all those sweet treats!

The frozen yogurt may be a lower-fat choice, but the toppings do us in! It is hard to estimate what we are eating in this situation, but here is a guideline. Since the cups are usually weighed, we can estimate 100 (if you choose a low-fat frozen yogurt)-140 Calories per 4 oz (1/4 of a pound).

Whether you choose ice cream or frozen yogurt, it’s best to have it “once in a while”; but, there are ways to enjoy your treat without guilt! For those of us managing our blood sugars, weight, or heart health, consider lighter toppings (nuts, sunflower seeds, fruit, whipped cream, etc).

What is your favorite ice cream/yogurt shop and flavor? I, personally, love McDonald’s dipped ice cream cones!


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